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The Vinyasa People YA 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is a gift, that has been given to us from the depth of human history itself. It offers insights and experiences on all levels into the paradox of life and the mystery of being a human being in it. Yoga is an art of the body, a science of the mind and a philosophy of thought.

Practice is what makes Yoga alive! Only through practice will the hidden treasures reveal themselves.

The decision for becoming a Yoga teacher is always the foremost the decision to fully embark on the journey of becoming a real practitioner. It is a de-conditioning and a re-conditioning of the body and the mind, a full reassessment of ones whole being.

The practice itself is what distinguishes the teacher from the student.

This Yoga teacher training will provide you with the necessary knowledge to go on this journey with joy and curiosity. It will teach you the basics you need to become a real practitioner and to share your knowledge with others.

Katy Scherer (E-RYT 500), Christian Klix (E-RYT 500) and their team of fellow teachers are inviting you to join this 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training accredited by the Yoga Alliance and hosted by the Vinyasa People Studio, Bonn. It will be an in depth exploration into this ancient practice with modern eyes.

We are very grateful and it is a great honor to us to be able to offer you this gift and to be your guide on this journey. Happily we will share the little and bigger secrets we learned on the way so far. Join us on this trip to more inner and outer peace, more strength and flexibility, more letting go and hopefully to more true freedom.


Module 1

5 day intensive 

April 18th-22nd

Module 2

May 18th-19th

Module 3

June 15th-16th

Module 4

July 13th-14th

Module 5

Aug 10th-11th

Module 6

Sept 7th-8th

Module 7

Oct 3rd-6th

Module 8

Nov 2nd-3rd

Module 9

Nov 30th-Dec 1st
Exact times and timetables will be confirmed at a later date.


Everyone has different ways and means in which they would like to pay that is why when it comes to payment, we have two options! If you would like to pay all at the one time and then you do not need to worry about a payment each month you can pay it all upfront. We also have the option of monthly instalments. Each month you can pay a set amount which means you can spread the cost over the full duration of the course (April-November). We have outlined the details of each option below. 

What does the cost include?

Full YA 200 hour Teacher training and Certificate upon completion.
The teacher training manual and Log book to be filled out during the training. 
UNLIMITED yoga classes at The Vinyasa People Studios worth 750 EUROS.

What is not included?

The reading list.

Travel to and from the training.


If paid upfront it is a lump sum payment of 3,500 Euros.

If you would like to pay over the duration of the course the cost is the following:

Early bird 

Deposit of 400 Euros by January 1st followed by eight monthly payments of 400 Euros (Total course cost of 3,600 Euros)

Deposit of 500 Euros by April 1st followed by eight monthly payments of 400 Euros (Total course cost of 3,700 Euros).

What is the next step?

Please request an application form from us by sending an email to 

Fill out the application form to the best of your ability and send it back to us at the same email address. 

A member of the Vinyasa People Team will review your application form and will be in touch to arrange an informal interview with Katy, one of the course leaders.

Upon completing the interview and with Katy’s agreement you will be offered a place on the training. Once a place has been offered and accepted you can then complete an acceptance form and pay your deposit. A reading list will then be send to you and get prepared for your yoga teacher training!

Thank you for your interest in The Vinyasa People 200-hour Teaching Training, we hope to meet you soon! 
Katy and Christian

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