I am an International yoga teacher, studio owner, blogger, YouTuber and Lululemon ambassador based in Bonn, Germany. 



I flirted with yoga for a few years before finding a teacher that truly inspired me to take the practice further. During my pregnancy I attended class religiously three times a week and that was it, I was hooked! I went on to complete my RYT 200 Hour training with Seasonal Yoga in Glasgow and then my RYT 300 with Tribe in Austria. I attended workshops and trainings whenever I could, completing a 50 Hour Adjustment training with the incredible David Swenson and a Second series workshop with Laruga Glaser.  Since then I have practiced several times with the wonderful John Scott, in both India and Italy, deepening my Ashtanga practice and love. 

In 2014 I moved to Germany with my beautiful family, settling in the wonderful city of Bonn. I started teaching for free from my living room to make friends but the number of students quickly grew and I had to look for a larger space. The Sportraum became my new yoga home for almost a year before I decided to open up my own studio to create a purpose based space dedicated to all things yoga. The Vinyasa People Yoga Studio was born and the next chapter in my yoga journey began!

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The Studio & Teaching

With the help of my partner Philipp, I opened The Vinyasa People Yoga Studio in January 2016. It is a beautiful international yoga studio in the heart of Bonn offering a wide variety of classes to suit everyone. In the studio I teach a mix of Seasonal flow, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin to create to a deep, dynamic and fun practice. All levels of practitioners are welcome to join my classes as long as they are prepared to move and sweat. 


The blog, YouTube and more...

As well as practicing yoga, having a family and running The Vinyasa People Yoga studio, I have a few extra-curricular activities on the go. I love to spend my time co-writing a blog and filming yoga videos for both online platforms and my YouTube channel. 

The blog, Home Is Where The Mat Is , is a yoga and lifestyle platform I write with two wonderful yoga friends. We try and upload posts as often as we can with topics ranging from yoga events to food related items. We work very hard on our blog to share our passion to all those happy to read!

A YouTube Channel has always been a wish of mine and this year I finally got a channel up and running. My vision for my channel is to offer yoga classes and how-to videos for all students not able to practice with me in Bonn; Cristina in Japan, I'm talking to you!

I  recently filmed a series for Doyouyoga.com, an online yoga platform offering yoga classes. It was a big honour to work with an amazing team and I can't wait to see the final result.

2017 has been an incredible year for me but one of the highlights has to be becoming a Lululemon Ambassador for Cologne. I have always loved Lululemon and I am more than happy to work with the team and represent!